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Mon Sep 5 12:52:08 2016
Hi everyone.

As you may have noticed, I haven't written any gamebooks for a while. This is because I've become a little bored with it the last couple of years and have been working on a novel instead. I am currently taking a break from that while the first part is being reviewed, so I am thinking of continuing one of the partial gamebooks I have written.
I have several titles on which I have done substantial work on, and all of them would require no small amount of effort to complete. At this stage I can probably bring one to completion, and so I thought I would let any of you who are interested have input into the decision.
Please have a look at the works in progress below and let me know which one you would like to see sooner rather than later:

1. WWGB Episode 8, the penultimate episode. I have written a third of this one, quite literally. It takes the three possible endings from Episode 7 and continues them as alternate realities that ultimately return to a single reality just in time for the final episode of the series.

2. The Wages of Sin. The sequel to The Ravages of Fate. This is another fight-a-big-monster story. Like the original, the combat is fought through choices of tactic and tests of your varying resources.

3. The Band of the Swift Hand. This was an interesting one based on the premise that you play the adventure as the leader of a mercenary band, and if your character dies, a new leader is chosen. So you as the player would go through the adventure and depending on the skills and abilities of the character you have at the time, your experiences and possible choices are very different.

4. The Throne of Blood. This is set in the same world as The Diamond Key, meaning it is another 1000 reference adventure, and was meant as my version of Deathtrap Dungeon, except your character makes his way through a number of interconnected arenas rather than a bunch of dungeons where no one is entertained by your demise.

5. The Mountain of the Dragon. Remember that bit in The Diamond Key where you found a mountain full of orcs digging out a dragon? Well, this is the story about that. It's a massive adventure for which I already wrote about 800 references and it's probably only half finished. Of all the titles, this would be the hardest to complete. It is pretty awesome though.

These are in order from 1. easiest for me to complete to 5. most difficult.
Happy voting.
It would be very sad if the WWGB story was never finished, so I'd definitely go for 1. After that, my preferences in order would be 5, 2, 3, and then 4.

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